Jade’s ToyBox, Tools for Teaching Kids To Think Outside the Box

Green Bambino Box exclusively sold at Green Depot

Green Bambino Box exclusively sold at Green Depot

Two years ago this month, a seed was planted. And after a year of research, Jade’s ToyBox sprouted with our exclusive Concept Boxes,™ a collection of pre-packaged, carefully vetted toys, books and games for teaching important concepts to young children, like anatomy and healthy eating habits, personal safety, art and even sustainable architecture.

Like many parents in 2007, my husband and I learned that several toys belonging to our daughter were on the China lead recall list. We panicked, ditched anything that was questionable, lead-tested the rest and went on a mission to find safe, better quality learning tools and fun toys that we felt safe adding to our daughter Jade’s toy box. The result was Jade’s ToyBox, and a unique approach to selling toys where parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, caregivers and teachers aren’t left wandering aimlessly at the local or online toy store. Instead they are empowered with age-appropriate toys whose safety is documented and the products are free of batteries, licensed characters and toxic chemicals.

At Jade’s ToyBox, we take it one step further. We also create custom boxes that represent your child- with dolls, books, and other products that reflect the cultural heritage of you child. If Mommy is from India and Daddy is from Mexico, the products can reflect that, as we believe children like to identify and relate to the toys with which they play, helping them role play and explore who they are, where they are from, identifying with their own family’s heritage.

So we invite you to check out our selection of Concept Boxes™ and know that you’re not just buying for a child, but you’ll also be supporting great charities since a portion of our sales from boxes and our signature GREEN TOY PARTY™ events go to charities benefitting kids.

We love feedback, so let us know what you want. Although we’re based in New York City, we strongly believe in our roots- where Southern hospitality and great customer service are as important to us as our mission of educating children with quality, educational and most importantly, safe toys.

Angelique LeDoux

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