Keep it Natural Honey Bunny

This Easter Holiday, it’s tempting to grab a ready-made Easter egg color kit from the store, but with all of the negative reports on food dyes, try these natural colorants from vegetables and fruits for Easter eggs  instead.

Simply boil the eggs and cool. Prepare the dyes below by boiling most vegetables or fruit skins first with minimal water to release the color in the water. Remove the skins, peels and pour liquid into small cups or bowls deep enough to fit eggs. When cool, add a few teaspoons of white vinegar to the color dye and dunk your egg. Longer soaking times means more vivid colors.

Great tips: Use wax crayons to write messages, names or pictures on the eggs before dying for fun results.

For Yellow: orange or lemon peels, ground cumin or tumeric, onion skins
Red: pomegranate juice, raspberries, canned cherries, red onion skins, beets,  cranberries or cranberry juice * lighter soaking yields pink
Blue: blueberries, grape juice, boiled red cabbage leaves
Green: asparagus or spinach leaves, yellow apple peel
Brown: tea or coffee, dill seeds
Orange: carrots, paprika

And please send us your recommendations for other variations too!

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