90 Days of Summer Fun:Teach Your Children Well

While the parents worked on a Habitat for Humanity project, their children worked together to build a bird house for the family.

“Walk the walk” when it comes to teaching values to your children, no matter how young. And summertime is the perfect time to show them what helping others, volunteering and giving back really means.

So whether it’s giving a leftover meal to a homeless person, volunteering at a pet shelter, cleaning up animals caught in the Gulf oil spill, working in a soup kitchen or volunteering to build a house with Habitat for Humanity, find opportunites to involve your child.

Painting and crafts make great solo and group projects for little kids.

Allowing your child to be involved in a project like these, especially from an early age, can having a lasting impression. And when they see their parents’ values in action, it has the potential to become ingrained in them too.

Even a four-year-old can get involved in community service with the help of her older cousins.

Ps…Not that you want to encourage an ulterior motive, but Disney is recognizing good deeds like community service days by offering a free day at Disney World.


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