90 Days of Summer Fun: A Culinary Adventure

If you were to eat 3 meals a day at different restaurants every day for a year, it would take almost 20 years to try every restaurant in New York City! That said, our NYC-based family of three often frequents the same dining establishments over and over and over… but there is no excuse for culinary boredom.

This summer, we’ve set out to change our foodie ways with a homemade Culinary Adventure box that you too can create together with your child.

Step 1: Use a shoe box or equivalent size box

Step 2- Spend some time with your child painting or decorating the box with non-toxic paints, stickers or even food related pictures

Step 3- With a sheet of paper, have your child fold the paper in half, then half again and half again so you have 8 sections. (You can do more, of course) Cut each section so you have 8 pieces of evenly sized paper. On each, write the names of types of cuisines (like Indian, Spanish, sushi, dim sum), or the names of favorite and other local restaurants.

Step 4- Cut a small hole in the top of the box. Put all paper pieces in the box and shake it.

Step 5- Have your child select one piece of paper out of the box for your special Culinary Adventure of the week.

Step 6- Make the journey fun. Talk about where you will go for the adventure and figure out the best way to get there. Consult a map, ride a bus, take the subway, a car or walk.

Step 7- Talk about the type of cuisine. Try to download a menu in advance of your visit and discuss the words on the menu. If trying an ethnic restaurant like Mexican, Spanish or Indian food, consult a kids foreign language book that gives your child an understanding of the terms they may see. Be sure to learn the words for the bathroom!

Step 8- Keep a chart of your restaurants and make your own Restaurant Star Guide:
1 star=BUMMER, don’t bother going back.
2 stars = OK
3 stars = YUMMO

And to encourage even more foodie fun with your toddler or preschooler, check out our JTB Moody Foodie Box, where Alton meets Julia, and food, health and fun come together.


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