90 Days of Summer Fun: Leaving on a Jet Plane

Sleeping on the airplane, with favorite blankie and Knuffle Bunny

No matter how many times we’ve traveled, we always prepare for a trip with the following: a story about where we’re going, who or what we’re likely to see, and a bedtime story about travel on the mode of transportation we’re likely to take. Two of my daughter’s favorites are: Kevin Takes a Trip by Liesbet Slegers and Lisa’s Airplane Ride by Anne Gutman.

Kevin Takes a Trip

Lisa's Airplane Trip

Essentials for the Jet Plane

Taking the right stuff to occupy your child can mean the difference in a fun trip and a meltdown. Non-stop trips less than 3 hours are pretty simple, just take some crayons, an activity or coloring book, a book or two and a sack lunch and a stuffed animal or small play toy to occupy the time.

But for trips that include a stop over or a longer distance, try these recommendations:

1-wet wipes (since most airlines haven’t wiped down their seat or tray tables since the 90s!)

2- crayons or colored pencils (markers tend to get on airplane tray tables, so if you bring them, make sure they are water based and you take wet wipes for clean-up)

2- activity books-hidden pictures, mazes, writing letters, etc-  make great learning tools under the guise of play

3- books for lil readers

4- a new toy- wrapped or not

5- a DVD player and a new movie or cartoon (we don’t rely, nor recommend plopping your kid in front of a DVD player often, but on a plane flight, we bend the rules a bit)

6- a craft activity for the plane flight- we like glue projects or paper airplanes, etc.

7- a favorite toy or stuffed animal

8- a familiar little blanket or pillow if you think your child may nap

9- a sack lunch with extra special yummos that are not typical treats they have at home

10- a game for the airplane. Card games and games with few parts are best.

Are We There Yet Box

for the seasoned traveler, the "Are We There Yet" Original Concept Box

To make trips easy, check out our Are We There Yet Box, with great travel-related toys, books and games for your lil seasoned traveler.

Happy travels!


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