90 Days of Summer Fun: Travel the World Without Leaving Home

The New Yorker Box

Ah, summer vacation is here. So you’re not jetting off to Bali, but instead the ‘burbs or the local beach, but you can still take your lil one around the world this summer, and on a modest budget.

Check out these great options to introduce the world to your soon-to-be-seasoned traveler:

1-Jade’s ToyBox- The ‘Are We There Yet’ Box and New Yorker Box. Whether you are heading out of town or not, the Are We There Yet Box and New Yorker, are filled with travel related toys, books and games that make travel fun. The Original New Yorker  Box includes three books about NYC, including How Little Lori Visited Times Square, a polar bear  that looks like Gus, the silly bear at the Central Park Zoo, skyscraper blocks, taxi and police cars, magnetic activity games and more.

Little Passports

2- Little Passports, A Global Adventure: Introduce your child to a new country starting this summer and let him or her begin the world traveling now. Choose one of several subscriptions to fit your budget. Your child receives an exciting package via postal mail that includes an adventure letter, souvenirs, activities and access to online games and activities.

Ginger Kids Passport to the World Club

3- Ginger Kids in the Global Mix: Join the “Passport to the World” Club and your child takes an adventure to a new destination every month. A tour guide will show them around their native land, and they will discover new places, learn about historic landmarks, prepare ethnic recipes and try a foreign language. VIP members even receive a monthly package with extra goodies.

Around the World, TIME for Kids Magazine

4- Around the World with TIME for Kids Magazine. Each year, TFK introduces kids to 6 new countries with in-depth reporting and a Day in the Life to show kids what life is really like in different places around the world. It integrates geography, reading, math and science while introducing kids to exciting new destinations.

5- JTB Idea: Staying put this summer? Seek out new cultures in your backyard! If you live in or near a big city, or even in a small town, try these ideas:

•  Visit a different cultural center or museum several times this summer.  Most cities have cultural celebrations especially for holidays. Consider a cultural museum: in NYC, we have the Museum of Jewish Heritage, El Museo Del Barrio, the Jewish Museum, Ellis Island Museum, Asia Society & Museum, Museum for African Art, Museum of Chinese in  the Americas, Ukranian Museum, National Museum of the American Indian, and more.

Try a new ethnic food. Learn about a new culture by exploring its cuisine. Before going to the restaurant, take time to learn a few words that you can try out on your waiter. A simple ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are a great place to start.

Read a book about a new culture and learn about their customs. Explore their history, their foods, their unique culture.

Find a local market or neighborhood to explore. In many cities, a large population of people congregate into a neighborhood, like NYC’s Little Italy, Greenpoint in Brooklyn or Chinatown. These are perfect places to learn about other customs or cultures.

Pick a country from the globe, learn a few words of that country’s language, cook a classic meal at home inspired by the region you chose. Talk about the pretend places you visited there over dinner.

Bon voyage!

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