90 Days of Summer Fun: The Changing Wall

Almost 5 years of memorabilia

It’s an embarrassment… as a photographer and former picture editor, it’s inconceivable that I would have four and a half years worth of pictures and memorabilia in boxes still. But I do. Part of being a picture editor is wanting the perfect images to speak of the moment- so this summer I will finally take that chore- and pleasure, off my list. Until then, my daughter and I created a “Changing Wall.”

Instead of getting too precious with framed portraits, create a Changing Wall – a fun memory wall with your child, with an assortment of photographs, memorabilia and drawings that your kid can take ownership of and alter weekly, monthly  or quarterly.

Our wall is the hallway nearest to my daughter’s room, so she’ll pass it daily. There are pictures of her dressed up in her kitty costume, a school portrait, pictures she drew and a photo and drawings given to her by her cousin. She has images of her best friend, and of course mom and dad. And she knows we can update it whenever she wants.

The Changing Wall, a great place to park new pictures, drawings and objects that you can update frequently

You can use frames, magnetic surfaces, cork, shadow boxes… just about anything to display your stuff. You could even display your child’s favorite collection here too. Make it fun, and be sure your child is involved so he or she looks forward to updating it often.  And when you change an image or drawing, make that the time to put those images and any others on hand into your photo albums that you have ready to go.

Let your child's art take center stage

ps- Stay tuned this summer for the Organizing your Pile of Precious Pictures blog.


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