90 Days of Summer Fun: Better than a Collar

What Happened to Hand Holding?

I have travel on the brain these days. Perhaps it’s the start of summer vacation. Yes, definitely. I live in a city with 7 million or more other people, but I cannot wrap my brain around the idea of putting my kid on a leash. But when you are in crowds at Disney, Coney Island, your local mall or off to Europe with kid in tow, you might want a way to keep track of your kiddo.

My sister thought I was on to something when I pitched the idea of implanting a GPS device in an earring. And why not. It’s not like that weird birth control you implant under your skin, earrings can be removed. (Note:if anyone takes that idea, I demand royalties!)

Check out the more civilized and dogmatic approaches, not fit for a dog…

1- Mabel’s Labels– Just label your kid. You can get sticky labels, bag tags, waterproof labels, you name it. Even safety “411 wristbands” to warn of allergies or other special needs.

2- Label Daddy– He’s gone the extra mile- or dollar- with licensed characters- which I don’t need- but I do like the zipper tags, the mini show label and school packs.

3-The Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker– for $279, you can track your kid on the go. I love technology, so I’d consider it, but I bet that monthly service fee adds up.

4- The GPS Shoe– Awesome. A GPS chip and cellular device is embedded in the shoe. I want these now for my kid!

Bear5- Mommy I’m Here Child Locator– a teddy  bear receiver attaches to your kid’s shoe or belt. You press the transmitter button to locate your kid, and provided your kids relatively near, you hear a chirping sound that leads you to your child.

6- The Dreaded Leash!- It’s not for me, but someone might want to tether their kid to them… I guess the monkey backpack is a better disguise than a dog collar, but I’ll let you find this one on your own.

7- A Novel Idea- Hold your kids hand! Put the kid on your shoulders, or go piggy back! What better way to know where your kid is at all times.


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