90 Days of Summer Fun: Experience Another First

It’s been a whirlwind…summer travel to Greece, Turkey, and now Austin, Texas…each place had it’s special memories like swimming in a pool that overlooked the Bosphorus Sea in Istanbul, riding on a slide at a playground in Kusadasi, Turkey, watching my husband and daughter play in the waves in Mykonos, Greece.

But of all the new experiences, it wasn’t the exotic travel or new flavors that left an indelible mark- though the gelato in Greece was close- instead it was my daughter’s first bike ride.

While in Austin, we set out on a mission to finally get a bike for our almost five year old. That’s old for most suburban kids, I suppose, but for a New York kid, whose been riding a scooter for a while, it’s typical. She’s had versions of bikes, but this is the real deal… With training wheels, a basket and a bell of her choice. (You have to test a lot of bells to find the perfect bell for your first bike, I’ve learned. Oh, and the bike ain’t pink!! She changed her mind after seeing a nice purple and green version of the same bike.)

So before we were even to the car, she was riding her new wheels with the confidence of a teenager, making her mommy so proud. Another first to add to the list… July 2010, rides her first real Bike, Austin, Texas…

So this summer, no matter the age of your kid, and no matter where you are, go enjoy some “first” with your kiddo too!


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