The Kitty Cat Curriculum, Part 1

Kitty Cat math... what better way to add and subtract then with a familiar buddy, real and stuffed

I often get asked if I am or was an elementary schoolteacher. And although I have taught college level kids and adults, I love to teach little kids… to see the light bulb turn on when they have made a connection.  Jade’s ToyBox was founded on the idea of engagement and helping children make connections within their HEALTHY world. So the approach I have always taken is to find something that strikes a cord, and run with it.

If your child loves dinosaurs or trucks or vehicles, or KITTY CATS then surround them with those items, and find extensions to create interest in other areas. That’s the premise of The Kitty Cat Curriculum. It can be used with ANY item your child is passionate about and it can become a vehicle for exploration.

So watch this upcoming new category- “The Kitty Cat Curriculum, because you will see great resources, booklists, activities, online resources, lesson plans, and extra curricular activities for your child.



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