90 Days of Summer Fun: Enjoy the Rain

Growing up in Alabama, I used to love the all day rain storms. But living in Texas, not so much…because within just an hour you could have a flooded home, golf ball size hail- or larger- and a permanently dented car. But in New York, the rarity of a long rain makes you really appreciate its presence.

And we do. So next time it rains “cats and dogs” use it as an opportunity to teach two things: one, idioms!
And two, quiet contemplation as you enjoy quiet time with your child. Look at life beyond your window. Count the umbrellas. Notice the different colors. Listen to a great cd, or best of all, grab a copy of Yellow Umbrella by Dong Il Sheen and Jae-Soo Liu. It’s an amazing collection of musical pieces that lets the rain uplift your mood.

Or you could just sing, “It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…”

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