Holiday Hugs

Maybe it’s just the spirit of the season, or maybe when you realize you’ve found someone who can relate to your personal plight, you just have to show the excitement. A southerner by birth, I’m a hugger, but it’s not everyday that I have a customer want to hug me. So today was a first…I hugged my customer!

And why? Because there seems to be a growing population of parents who know what it’s like to raise an accelerated learner; who understand the distinct characteristics they share, the social and emotional issues they may have; the impact it has relationships, childhood peers and others. It’s time to unite and not longer accept the uneducated company line that “all children are ‘gifted’.” Now all children are special, no doubt, and although we might not like the term “gifted,” accelerated learners are a distinct population with specific needs that must be addressed for them to reach their potential.

So parents of “accelerated learners,” “advanced ability kids,” “gifted children,” AKA “smart kiddos”…UNITE! And come get an extra 10% off toys (excluding dollhouses) Monday through Friday at our JTB Holiday Pop-Up Store in New York City from now until December 28, 2010. Oh, the proof required to get your discount? An example of your trials and tribulations with your lil brainiac. Speaking of, Our Brainiac Box is also 10% off for you!

See the store details:


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