The April P.A.L. Workshop Series

Thanks to all those who came out on a rainy night to join us for our P.A.L. Workshop Series this week. As promised, links to all our our speakers are below.

A Dialogue about Education for Parents of Accelerated Learners

WORKSHOP #3- TUESDAY, April 12, 2011, 6:30-8:00 pm

The Accelerated Learner Part 1-
Parenting the Accelerated Learner

From initial signs of giftedness and strength areas to a deeper look at their shared characteristics and common issues, experts and parents will share tips for parenting the gifted child.

Additional topics will include:
 early advanced ability;
• the developmental spectrum from early childhood through adolescence,
• family support and talent development;
• being a minority within a minority;
• the young gifted boy in a culture of red shirting;
• encouraging our girls to explore STEM fields;
• a glimpse at studies on gifted education- gifted under No Child Left Behind (NCLB); the groundbreaking “A Nation Deceived”; STEM report highlights


  • Dr. Razel Solow is Director of the Center for Gifted Studies and Education at Hunter College, the coordinator of the graduate program, and a partner with the Hunter College Campus Schools. Most recently, Dr. Solow has been collaborating with a research group from the Yale Child Study Center on alternative assessments of intelligence. She also provides professional development about gifted education and organizes meetings for the Coalition of Gifted Schools.  Her book on exceptionally gifted girls, tentatively titled Lives of Purpose, will be published in November 2011 by Great Potential Press.

    Connie Coulianos, head of the Speyer Legacy School for gifted children in Manhattan, has devoted the past two decades to the education of precocious preschool children, their teachers and parents. Through her work with this population at the Hollingworth Preschool, Teachers College Columbia University, she developed the child-responsive curriculum that serves as the core for Speyer Legacy School. She has presented various aspects of her work locally, nationally and internationally.

    Dr. Ranu Boppana is an Adult, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist in private practice in New York City and a Clinical Instructor at the NYU Child Study Center and the NYU Department of Psychiatry. She is a graduate of MIT and the NYU School of Medicine. Dr. Boppana is the mother of an accelerated learner, and is married to a mathematician who is an innovator in math education.  She has been active in the parent associations of private and public schools in Manhattan.  She has experience parenting a gifted child and advocating for her child’s needs through high school.  She has also heard the concerns of many other parents of children who are accelerated learners.

    Alina Adams writes the NY Gifted Education column for She has been navigating the NYC school system and enrichment options on behalf of her three children and their diverse talents for over a decade.

    The Workshop Series

    The P.A.L. monthly workshop series helps parents of accelerated learners understand important topics relevant to their young child’s cognitive, social & emotional development. Experts and practitioners in the field of gifted and talented education and parent advocates will join our panel for a dialogue with you about educating and nurturing these unique learners.

    Presented by

    Jade’s ToyBox
    NYC Private Schools Blog
    NYC G&T Blog

    in Partnership with Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center

    For more information click herethe P.A.L. [Parents of Accelerated Learners] Parent Workshop Series  or go to

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