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The Jade’s ToyBox Holiday Pop-Up Store is Back

November 30, 2011

  Join us now through December 28 for great prices on toys, books, games and gift items for the kiddos this holiday season at our 4th Annual Jade’s ToyBox Holiday Pop-Up Store in New York City.

The Pop-Up Store is filled with a great selection of eco-friendly and educational toys, unique gifts for kids and expecting mommies, and family activities held weekly throughout the holiday season. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support children’s non-profit organizations including The Speyer Legacy School Scholarship Fund and The Children’s Storefront School in Harlem. The grand opening of the store, located at 124 Hudson Street near N. Moore in TriBeCa is this Wednesday, December 1, 2011. Store hours are: Monday and Friday from 9 am-7pm, Tuesday through Wednesday and Saturdays from 11 am -7 pm, and Sundays from 11 am-5 pm.

Stay tuned for our event schedule, featuring Holiday Craft Workshops, a Holiday Organic Cookie Swap, a Sock Monkey Making Workshop, Santa Letter Writing, Storytime for Kids By Kids, a Holiday Talent Show, the JTB ‘Not A Box’ Contest and much more!

The Jade's ToyBox Holiday Pop-Up Store is Back


It’s Here…

December 1, 2010

And don’t miss our Holiday workshops and events for kids throughout the month of December, including:

Holiday Craft Events for the kiddos throughout December

Storytime for Charity,
Check out a slew of great authors at our Storytime for Charity every Saturday at 2 pm in December. Following the reading will be special Holiday Activities for children ages 2-6, with parent involvement. FREE

2:00 pm SUNDAYS
Santa Letter Writing Workshop,
A story is followed by a letter writing workshop for Santa Claus. We’ll help kids create their letters for Santa and we’ll even help mail it to the North Pole. Stickers, letter fun and writing helpers will be on-hand. Don’t forget to tell Santa Claus what you want for Christmas, like a greener planet, cleaner oceans and healthier toys! FREE

DECEMBER 1 at  4 pm-
JTB kicks off our Holiday Craft Wednesdays with a special gift for all attendees.

DECEMBER 3- Santa arrives! Free Portraits from 3-6 pm

DECEMBER 4-5- Santa is here! Free Portraits  11:30- 2:30 pm

DECEMBER 4- at 2 pm, Storytime for Charity with Ole Saint Nick, himself.
We will have a special guest reader, Santa Claus himself. And with a $20 suggested donation, you can sponsor the story. Just bring in your child’s favorite book or let us choose the story and use your child’s name as the character of the book, as Santa presents Storytime for Charity on December 4 at 2 pm. Call ahead to sponsor, or come and hear him for free! FREE

DECEMBER 4- at 3 pm- Holiday Dining Classes for Kids with socialsklz:-) tools to thrive in the modern world. FREE

For kids 4 and up, prepare for the holiday season’s frenzy of fancy dinners 
and festivities during a 25 minute session covering how to set 
the table properly, how to eat and use utensils, mealtime 
manners and more.  NYC based socialsklz:-) offers interactive workshops for children and young adults featuring social interaction and communication skills, or what was once known as manners and etiquette! RSVP to

DECEMBER 6- drop-in from 11 am- 2pm. The Photo Project Workshop $45/hr

Have your baby and kiddo photos runneth over? If you are like me, with four years of pictures and memorabilia in boxes, now is the time to get it together. This ain’t no scrapping workshop! A former magazine picture editor will work with you to edit the best images and discuss ways to organize into traditional albums, digital photo books, 3-dimensional shadow boxes, framed art objects or other unique storage ideas. RSVP to

December 8, 4-5 pm- Holiday Cookie Decorating Workshop with Taste Buds & MiniMunchers FREE

Join Taste Buds and MiniMunchers for Gingerbread Cookie Decorating! We’ll have yummy Gingerbread Cookies, Icing and Sprinkles to help you celebrate the Holidays in style. RSVP to

DECEMBER 11- at 3 pm- Holiday Dining Classes for Kids with socialsklz:-) tools to thrive in the modern world. FREE

For kids 4 and up, prepare for the holiday season’s frenzy of fancy dinners 
and festivities during a 25 minute session covering how to set 
the table properly, how to eat and use utensils, mealtime 
manners and more.  NYC based socialsklz:-) offers interactive workshops for children and young adults featuring social interaction and communication skills, or what was once known as manners and etiquette! RSVP to

DECEMBER 12- at 12-3 pm- Care for the Critters Workshop FREE

Parents and kids can drop in anytime between 1 and 3 pm to learn about different breeds of animals, their temperaments and what to look for in the right pet for your child. The Animal Haven Mobile Adoption van will be on-site for pet adoptions, and those less inclined for the real deal, can always adopt an OOMFY, one of our endangered species, of the plush variety! Lots of fun free activities learning fun for kids 2-6 years, including a perfect pet checklist, an adoption certificate and animal activity handouts.

DECEMBER 15- at 4 pm- Alfabeticos Workshop FREE

The Bilingual Arts sampler for kids ages 1-5  incorporates music, art and storytelling aimed to develop social skills, cognitive and fine-gross-motor skills and Spanish vocabulary.

DECEMBER 17-19- by appointment- A Rare Opportunity for your Child to be Photographed with the 20×24 Polaroid Camera – One of only a handful of such cameras in the world, the 20″ x 24″ Polaroid camera produces large format instant photos and will be available for a fee, $1500 for 3 prints. (that’s $1000 off normal pricing!)  RSVP to

DECEMBER 18- at 2:30 pm- A Surprise Musical Concert by our Emmy nominated favorite band FREE

DECEMBER 19- at 2:30 pm- Holiday Craft Workshop with NatureBag.

Create a one-of-a-kind gift inspired by nature with NatureBag and NatureRocks. For kids 3-6+. RSVP to

DECEMBER 22- at 3 pmThe Last Minute “I-Forgotta-Gift-for-Blah-Blah” Holiday Workshop FREE
Forgot to make a gift for gramps or your nanny? No worries. We’ve got a great last minute holiday craft activity guaranteed to put a smile on, well, Blah, Blah. Perfect for kiddos ages 2-6.

DECEMBER 22- at 4 pm- Architecture Workshop for your lil Green Builder with brinca dada.

Your kid love to create, construct and build structures? Be sure to join us for our free architecture introduction for kids ages 5-9 by brinca dada,  and see how the Emerson Dollhouse was created. RSVP to

Other Fun By Appointment:

And All That Jazz!: Sign-up for a unique one-on-one recording experience, with studio time at Hudson Soundlab. Kids and adults can perform original music, or read from their own or favorite story, with back-up from Emmy-nominated musicians, Robby LeDoux and JZ Barrell Call Jade’s ToyBox for more details @ 212.343.8881.

90 Days of Summer Fun: Alarm Your Kid this Summer

June 12, 2010

Fire Hazard!

My daughter wasn’t quite two when I almost burned our home to the ground. Now, it wasn’t as bad as that sounds, but to sum up, our dishwasher was broken, I was boiling bottles a la my grandmother’s technique, and my cat with cancer had just returned from surgery. The husband was asleep, and clearly I had a lot on my plate. I went to bed without turning off the boiling bottles.

Lesson learned…I’m a firm believer that that sort of thing only happens once to you. At least I hope. So anyway, after the smoke cleared–literally, we added a few more smoke alarms and set out to be more diligent about fire safety. My daughter, though she was tiny, still remembers the “beep, beep, beep,” of the smoke detector as she was being whisked off to my neighbors apartment. She brought it up again this week, and so we made a lesson in safety of it.

Things you can do this summer to jump start the safety talks:

1- Talk about safety. Discuss natural disasters and emergency situations, and be sure to answer any questions your child may have. Help them understand that you are there to protect them and so are many other people, like firefighters, police officers and more.

2- Make an Escape Plan and practice it with your child at least quarterly, if not more frequently.

3- Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure batteries are changed twice a year, test them too.

4- Check your home for fire hazards and remove them. Are there too many plugs in one outlet? Is there a rug too close to the fireplace? Does the fireplace have a screen in front of it? Are there items too close to space heaters? Are there items blocking your escape plan path?

5- Make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it.

Here are some great resources for exploring fire safety with your child:

1) Your local Firehouse: Most firehouses LOVE kids and are happy to let them explore and talk to them about fire safety. It’s also a great first step to help them feel safe, and understand a firefighter’s role is to protect them.

2) Be FireSmart for Children: a great interactive website with a video to help kids understand the garb firefighters wear and why. It explains hazards that can be found in the home, so they know what not to do and how to help prevent common fire hazards. Plus games, a coloring book and more.

3), a great website for little ones with videos about fire safety, games, activities and more.

4) A Fire Museum: If you are in a city like NYC, go visit the local Fire Museum, with old vehicles and a history of how fires were handled a century ago. The NYC Fire Museum is well worth the visit, and apparently many cities have one, so be sure to explore it!

5) And for more on personal and fire safety, check out the JTB Safety Box, with great books, toys and games to help your child understand the importance of staying safe.

Jade's ToyBox Safety Box

So don’t wait until fire safety week, and don’t count on your child’s preschool teacher to cover it, make it a priority for the safety of your family.

Tylenol Recall

May 3, 2010

Tylenol and Motrin products for children are among the latest recalls

The occasional recall I can handle. Actually, I see recalls every week for unsafe toys or clothes that may cause strangulation… But recalls of food and medicine really don’t sit well with me. I know this image seems ridiculous, that anyone would have a pyramid worth of Tylenol and kids meds like this. But when your kid just had surgery and they have to have it every three hours, you mix it up a bit. Grape one dose, strawberry another, and maybe the new dye free cherry to make it more interesting.

But the new recall- and I’m not talking the one as recent as January 15th, but the new one from March 2010, means you really can’t trust anything. And why I am not hearing about it until May after the “damage” is done? So PLEASE PARENTS, go check the “NDC Code” on every bottle of medicine included in the recall, because it includes EVERY

bottle in our house that you see here, and more.  And either register and get a lame coupon to buy more product you can’t trust, or better, consider a class action lawsuit if your kid finished off a couple bottles as ours did. Maybe then they will start watching what they are doing! Two recalls within 3 months is unacceptable!

So what do you do in the meantime? According to one NY doctor, go generic until they get it under control.

For more about the Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl recalls, go to:

As it states: McNeil Consumer Healthcare is initiating this voluntary recall because some of these products may not meet required quality standards. This recall is not being undertaken on the basis of adverse medical events. However, as a precautionary measure, parents and caregivers should not administer these products to their children. Some of the products included in the recall may contain a higher concentration of active ingredient than is specified; others may contain inactive ingredients that may not meet internal testing requirements; and others may contain tiny particles. While the potential for serious medical events is remote, the company advises consumers who have purchased these recalled products to discontinue use. If you are not sure about alternative pediatric health treatment options, you should talk to your child’s healthcare provider.

coolmompicks baby shower guide

March 16, 2010


Okay, yes, Jade’s ToyBox made the list, but if you’ve ever needed a gift for someone and didn’t know where to begin, coolmompicks has about the most thorough gift guide lists I’ve ever seen. Their holiday list and now, the baby shower gift guide, are packed with great one-of-a-kind ideas for the lil bambinos in your world.

Don’t miss the coolmompicks baby shower guide!

And notice the discount on JTB products through 2010!

The Jade’s ToyBox Mini Concept Box

March 9, 2010

"The Feelings Box"When parents talk, Jade’s ToyBox listens.

So this March 2010, Jade’s ToyBox is introducing our new line of JTB Mini Concept Boxes, with the same great toys, books and games now perfectly packaged for birthday parties, baby showers, holiday trips, back to school and other special learning events.

Plus, each month, we’ll have a featured JTB Box of the Month, highlighting specific learning opportunities with products for potty training, first dental visits, the new pet owner, the start of school, understanding money concepts & entrepreneurship, philanthropy and giving and more. So be sure to subscribe at, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you can get great discounts on our JTB Box of the Month.

Come back soon to see a great variety of JTB Mini Concept Boxes available from our site, or at your local specialty retailer.

Jade’s ToyBox, Tools for Teaching Kids To Think Outside the Box

September 16, 2009
Green Bambino Box exclusively sold at Green Depot

Green Bambino Box exclusively sold at Green Depot

Two years ago this month, a seed was planted. And after a year of research, Jade’s ToyBox sprouted with our exclusive Concept Boxes,™ a collection of pre-packaged, carefully vetted toys, books and games for teaching important concepts to young children, like anatomy and healthy eating habits, personal safety, art and even sustainable architecture.

Like many parents in 2007, my husband and I learned that several toys belonging to our daughter were on the China lead recall list. We panicked, ditched anything that was questionable, lead-tested the rest and went on a mission to find safe, better quality learning tools and fun toys that we felt safe adding to our daughter Jade’s toy box. The result was Jade’s ToyBox, and a unique approach to selling toys where parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, caregivers and teachers aren’t left wandering aimlessly at the local or online toy store. Instead they are empowered with age-appropriate toys whose safety is documented and the products are free of batteries, licensed characters and toxic chemicals.

At Jade’s ToyBox, we take it one step further. We also create custom boxes that represent your child- with dolls, books, and other products that reflect the cultural heritage of you child. If Mommy is from India and Daddy is from Mexico, the products can reflect that, as we believe children like to identify and relate to the toys with which they play, helping them role play and explore who they are, where they are from, identifying with their own family’s heritage.

So we invite you to check out our selection of Concept Boxes™ and know that you’re not just buying for a child, but you’ll also be supporting great charities since a portion of our sales from boxes and our signature GREEN TOY PARTY™ events go to charities benefitting kids.

We love feedback, so let us know what you want. Although we’re based in New York City, we strongly believe in our roots- where Southern hospitality and great customer service are as important to us as our mission of educating children with quality, educational and most importantly, safe toys.

Angelique LeDoux