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The Jade’s ToyBox Holiday Pop-Up Store is Back

November 30, 2011

  Join us now through December 28 for great prices on toys, books, games and gift items for the kiddos this holiday season at our 4th Annual Jade’s ToyBox Holiday Pop-Up Store in New York City.

The Pop-Up Store is filled with a great selection of eco-friendly and educational toys, unique gifts for kids and expecting mommies, and family activities held weekly throughout the holiday season. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support children’s non-profit organizations including The Speyer Legacy School Scholarship Fund and The Children’s Storefront School in Harlem. The grand opening of the store, located at 124 Hudson Street near N. Moore in TriBeCa is this Wednesday, December 1, 2011. Store hours are: Monday and Friday from 9 am-7pm, Tuesday through Wednesday and Saturdays from 11 am -7 pm, and Sundays from 11 am-5 pm.

Stay tuned for our event schedule, featuring Holiday Craft Workshops, a Holiday Organic Cookie Swap, a Sock Monkey Making Workshop, Santa Letter Writing, Storytime for Kids By Kids, a Holiday Talent Show, the JTB ‘Not A Box’ Contest and much more!

The Jade's ToyBox Holiday Pop-Up Store is Back


The Back-to-School Schultütes Are Here!

August 11, 2010

The Cat Schultüte, (minus the kid in costume!)

At long last… all the way from Germany…Drum roll, please… the Back-to-School Schultütes are here!

The schultüte (pronounced “SHOOL-TOO-TAH”) is a 200-year-old German tradition to celebrate a child’s first day of school. Parents present young children with a cone-shaped gift filled with back-to-school goodies and eco-friendly school supplies. Jade’s ToyBox updated the tradition with eco-friendly materials and non-China-made supplies, available in multiple languages too, including Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, German and Hebrew.

The 27" dinosaur schultüte is perfect for your lil dino lover, and almost as big.

See Jade’s ToyBox Exclusive Products and order one for your first-timer or back-to-schooler and make the first day of school super special.

See the JTB Exclusives for more details, and order while the limited supply lasts.

Our Original Schultütes are filled with great back-to-school fun!

90 Days of Summer Fun: Wash Me!

July 21, 2010

This summer, we’ve washed ourselves, we’ve washed our cat, and now, we’ve washed our car. Amazing how the first experience my daughter wants to have once we grab our hybrid rental car is the mystical, transcendent car wash.

So for almost $10, we have all the fun you’d think was reserved for amusement parks or carnivals. Step-by-step we watch each new layer scrub away bug parts and bird poo. What more fun could be had with a preschooler besides pillow fights or blowing bubbles?

So remember entertainment comes in all costs and forms, but don’t forget the simplest ones… The relatively inexpensive gas station car wash.

90 Days of Summer Fun: Experience Another First

July 12, 2010

It’s been a whirlwind…summer travel to Greece, Turkey, and now Austin, Texas…each place had it’s special memories like swimming in a pool that overlooked the Bosphorus Sea in Istanbul, riding on a slide at a playground in Kusadasi, Turkey, watching my husband and daughter play in the waves in Mykonos, Greece.

But of all the new experiences, it wasn’t the exotic travel or new flavors that left an indelible mark- though the gelato in Greece was close- instead it was my daughter’s first bike ride.

While in Austin, we set out on a mission to finally get a bike for our almost five year old. That’s old for most suburban kids, I suppose, but for a New York kid, whose been riding a scooter for a while, it’s typical. She’s had versions of bikes, but this is the real deal… With training wheels, a basket and a bell of her choice. (You have to test a lot of bells to find the perfect bell for your first bike, I’ve learned. Oh, and the bike ain’t pink!! She changed her mind after seeing a nice purple and green version of the same bike.)

So before we were even to the car, she was riding her new wheels with the confidence of a teenager, making her mommy so proud. Another first to add to the list… July 2010, rides her first real Bike, Austin, Texas…

So this summer, no matter the age of your kid, and no matter where you are, go enjoy some “first” with your kiddo too!

90 Days of Summer Fun: Water, Water, Water

June 6, 2010

Nothing says summer like water fun, so whether you live in the ‘burbs, the city or you’re going to the grandparents for a visit, take time off to enjoy some good ole water fun.

Giving your child time to connect with friends and family in a fun setting is a great bonding opportunity for young ones.

Swimming pools are great meeting places for a lot of people. But a water sprinkler can be just as fun for little ones so don’t feel compelled to do anything costly when simple things are just as good.

If your family is as large as mine, show your child pictures of the people who are likely to join in on the fun in advance of the get together. Introduce each face by name so they are familiar when introduced in person.

Give all the kids a way to follow-up after the event by email, phone or even better, snail mail.

90 Days of Summer Fun: Thriving on Structure

June 2, 2010

Magnetic schedule cards like these can help add a sense of structure to your child's day

Kids thrive on structure…even in the summer.  Just like the rest of us, they want to have consistency in their lives. That doesn’t mean we can’t mix it up and be spontaneous, but with the summer and a change of schedule from their usual school routine, it’s good to give them some constants.

In school, kids often have a schedule of  the day’s events, and often with a timeline mapped out clearly on their classroom whiteboard. You can make one too, as simple or complex as you’d like.

Print the names and/or images of your child engaging in common activities that you can use as visual schedule cards. With your child, select the basics, then empower her to choose her favorite options for the day.

We love magnetic boards for displaying the cards.  Use existing magnetic letters and numbers with your schedule cards for learning the day of the week, the date, and chores, daily expectations and routines, as well as fun things you have planned for the day. And if visits with family, friends or other trips are planned, create special cards for those too.

“I Do It” Activity— If you want to make the Schedule Cards yourself, use a page layout program and print onto magnetic paper that is easy to find at your local office supply store.

Jade’s ToyBox also sells a pre-set selection of Visual Schedule Cards in our Daily Grind Box.

The “90 Days of Summer Fun”

June 1, 2010

Summer is almost here and school is coming to an end, so at Jade’s ToyBox, we have the “90 Days of Summer Fun” ready to go. Starting June 1 through the end of August,  you’ll get an idea a day with fun activities, resources and original suggestions that you can enjoy together with your child throughout the summer.

Whether you’re staying home, sending the kiddos to camp, going on a European vacation, or just going to visit the grandparents, we’ll help you take advantage of your child’s time off. We’ll have a variety of ideas- all great learning opportunities- to help you and your child get the most of your summer wherever you live.

So relax, have fun, and let learning happen organically…

Jade’s ToyBox, Tools for Teaching Kids To Think Outside the Box

September 16, 2009
Green Bambino Box exclusively sold at Green Depot

Green Bambino Box exclusively sold at Green Depot

Two years ago this month, a seed was planted. And after a year of research, Jade’s ToyBox sprouted with our exclusive Concept Boxes,™ a collection of pre-packaged, carefully vetted toys, books and games for teaching important concepts to young children, like anatomy and healthy eating habits, personal safety, art and even sustainable architecture.

Like many parents in 2007, my husband and I learned that several toys belonging to our daughter were on the China lead recall list. We panicked, ditched anything that was questionable, lead-tested the rest and went on a mission to find safe, better quality learning tools and fun toys that we felt safe adding to our daughter Jade’s toy box. The result was Jade’s ToyBox, and a unique approach to selling toys where parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles, caregivers and teachers aren’t left wandering aimlessly at the local or online toy store. Instead they are empowered with age-appropriate toys whose safety is documented and the products are free of batteries, licensed characters and toxic chemicals.

At Jade’s ToyBox, we take it one step further. We also create custom boxes that represent your child- with dolls, books, and other products that reflect the cultural heritage of you child. If Mommy is from India and Daddy is from Mexico, the products can reflect that, as we believe children like to identify and relate to the toys with which they play, helping them role play and explore who they are, where they are from, identifying with their own family’s heritage.

So we invite you to check out our selection of Concept Boxes™ and know that you’re not just buying for a child, but you’ll also be supporting great charities since a portion of our sales from boxes and our signature GREEN TOY PARTY™ events go to charities benefitting kids.

We love feedback, so let us know what you want. Although we’re based in New York City, we strongly believe in our roots- where Southern hospitality and great customer service are as important to us as our mission of educating children with quality, educational and most importantly, safe toys.

Angelique LeDoux